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Tour Packages in India - Choose from many exciting ready-made tours in India!

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For us at Insights 2 India®, journeys are a passion: A passion that must be shared – in all its joy, wealth of experiences, beauty and magnificence. It is the driving force that enthuses every one of us, adds that extra touch which sets us apart and permeates every aspect of your travel with us. It expresses itself in the care that goes into planning each journey, keeping in mind your exclusive, individual interest.

These tour packages are ready-made tours in India that can be booked for anytime of the year as per your convenient dates, as they are not fixed departures. These are private tours in India and you will not be part of any group.

The leitmotif of southern culture is its tapestry of magnificent temple architecture going back to the Sixth century, the unal¬tered traditions of food, religion and life-style, handicrafts, heritage of sandalwood, silk, rosewood and brass and of course, the grandeur of classical dance and music. This is a land of temples, a land of the devout, a profusion of jasmine and ‘kanakambaram’ flowers and the soft beat of drums heralding the beginning of another celebration. But, under such superfi¬cial, though attractive similarity, there runs the distinctive character of each state. Pondicherry and Lakshadweep even more different from the four highly individual states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala

Kochi | Munnar | Thekkady | Kumarakom | Kochi
(06 nights/ 07 days)

Southern Highlights*
Chennai | Madurai | Thekkady | Kumarakom | Alleppey | Kochi
(09 nights/ 10 days)

Best of Kerala*
Kochi | Munnar | Thekkady | Kumarakom | Alleppey | Kovalam | Trivandrum
(0 nights/ 11 days)

Traversing South*
Chennai | Mahabalipuram | Pondicherry | Trichy | Madurai | Thekkady | Kumarakom | Alleppey | Kochi
(11 nights/ 12 days)

Southern Splendour*
Bangalore | Hassan | Mysore | Nagahole | Ooty | Coimbatore | Kochi | Thekkady | Kumarakom | Alleppey | Kochi
(16 nights/ 17 days)

Best of South India*
Chennai | Mahabalipuram | Pondicherry | Trichy | Madurai | Thekkady | Kumarakom | Alleppey | Kochi | Ooty | Nagarhole | Mysore | Hassan | Bangalore
(21 nights/ 22 days)

In fertile delta of the river Ganges flourished ancient kingdoms and centers of learning. Here took place events that changed the course of the country. This is where Mahavira and the Buddha preached an alternate, gentler way of life; the Emperor Ashoka looked out onto the futility of death and destruction he had wrought on Kalinga and chose to propagate the way of peace; the British metamorphosed from traders to supreme rulers of India; and the incredibly rich hinterland directed the industrialization of an independent nation. And in the region even today, the many distinctive tribal people live their lives, their culture alive and well, enduring beyond the flow and flux of changes.

Best of Sikkim*
(07 nights/ 08 days)

The west is defined by multitude of influences apparent in the culture. This was where trade was carried out; where ships from other civilisations docked, exchanging goods and ideas, even communities. Offshore the mythical port city of Dwarka founded by Lord Krishna 5000 years ago, has been recently excavated. Evidence of ongoing trade with central Asia during Harappan times, discovered in Lothal, dates back 3500 years. The rock cut caves at Ajanta and Ellora eloquently record the earliest mingling of faiths; and in Goa, the mingling of cultures - vibrant, exhuberant, alive.

Best of West*
(07 nights/ 08 days)

Discover India Tour takes you to parts of India in the North, West and South. In the historic city of Delhi, there is a wealth of Islamic architecture, Hindu temples and colonial churches. The lovely Baha’i Temple is a modern addition to the skyline. Crowded bazaars entice you with a dazzling array of handicrafts and textiles. On to Varanasi, the holiest of Hindu cities and from there to Khajuraho, a picture gallery of medieval temples, exquisitely carved and preserved. Past the magnificent fort-palace city of Orchha and back to Agra, home of the spectacular Taj Mahal. Jaipur is nearby and gives you the first taste of India’s legendary desert state, Rajasthan, where further south, Udaipur’s lake and palaces beckon you. A transit stop in Mumbai, long enough to explore some of its Gothic splendours, and then down south, via the cosmopolitan centre of Bangalore, where business and pleasure share equal importance. Cochin is one of the South’s surprises – where a quaint Jewish quarter still survives, and where the fort and Dutch palace bring back memories of the south’s colonial past. Periyar, a haunting wildlife preserve, and Covelong, with its long sandy beaches, are in deep contrast to the temple town of Madurai, but welcome breaks in this rich and varied grand tour.

Twenty-one days almost makes it a whistle-stop tour of India. However, planned carefully it offers the perfect opportunity to introduce you to the palimpsest that is India. the vast sweep of the land, its wildlife, the depth of history and the varying hues of cultures. In 21 days, you will have seen sites, people, landscapes and monuments – enough to make you wish to return.

Best of India*
(20 nights/ 21 days)
* Tours coming soon....

Please go through the various ready-made i2i tour options covering the length and breadth of Incredible India.

Our itineraries combine history, culture, opportunities for social interaction, leisure time that allows you to explore on your own. They are creative and comprehensive, and have been specially designed to bring you a complete experience of India. Most tours can have options and extensions that can be added on. Moreover any itinerary can be re-worked to suit your requirements. If you have any special interests we will make sure that our itinerary accommodates them. We have professional local guides, whose knowledge of the area or a monument is amongst the best. More than that they are sensitive to your responses and needs, and able to adapt a set tour to accommodate your interests.

Accommodation is arranged at a blend of heritage and contemporary hotels. They have all been personally recommended by our quality control team and have been carefully selected, not just for the quality of services offered but the quality of experience. This also extends to the room, which has been fastidiously chosen for overall ambience as well as all facilities that your comfort demands. Some itineraries take you away from the well-trodden tourist track and luxury accommodation. But, whether they are camps or small hotels, your comfort is always our priority. Since cuisine is such an integral part of the flavour of any part of the world, we encourage you to taste India – in all her diversity. A la Carte dining offers the widest variety. The hotels and heritage properties where you stay are very often the best places to get to know the regional palate. Our tour guides and assistants are always at hand to help you choose a restaurant based on your individual preferences.

With so much of each journey to be covered by road we take great care of the quality and condition of the cars we provide. If you are looking for something extra, your vehicle can be further upgraded on request. Wherever train journeys are part of the itinerary you have the choice. You can opt for your preferred mode of transport. However, though trains, and stations for that matter, are not what you may be used to, the best available class will be reserved for you, so that you can travel in comfort. For air travel we have tie-ups with the leading national carriers. We know the country, understand its nuances, and this knowledge illuminates your travel, opening doors, allowing you insights, creating opportunities for interaction that may not have otherwise come your way. At every destination your comfort and interest remains assured because we have tried and tested every aspect. We monitors feedback from across the country so that standards are maintained and we continue to provide a matchless travel experience to each and every guest.
We arrange tour packages for whole of Indian subcontinent viz., India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan and also Tibet.
Please contact us if you would like to visit other destinations which are not included here.

We also arrange customised/ tailor-made tours in india to suit more specific individual tastes & requirements.
Whatever your choice maybe, we will ensure that you enjoy your tour thoroughly, focusing on the enchanting sights and sounds of India.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller
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